From Homeschooler, to Public Schooler

The Adventures of being a "homeschooler" in a Public School.


I am a 13 year old 8th grader with an outgoing personality and a love for writing. I’ve been homeschooled almost all my life though I have had my fair share of school experiences in the past. Now, I know what you may be thinking: “Oh a homeschooler, she must a socially awkward friek!” Not so shockingly that’s the reaction I am most used to hearing. Well it’s quite the opposite actually, I have the same (if not more) social skills than the majority of regular “public schoolers”. Many kids these days are incredibly uncomfortable in communicating with adults and older students, but as a homeschooler I have had many opportunities to bond with adults and students as old as college freshmen. In fact my two best friends are a freshman and a junior in high school. I have grown up with two amazing parents and one older brother (16). My family is very grounded and we try to focus on bonding and just having a good time while not getting too stressed over work, drama, and money.

So now that you know some about my background, it’s time to explain what this blog will be about. Well, one week ago I enrolled myself in a mainstream public junior high school and this blog will act as my own public journal. You’ll get an inside look of what goes on inside the walls of a middle school, drama, teachers, and an overall look at public school from a middle schoolers eyes.

I hope you enjoy :)

So I won't really post any more pictures of myself but this is just so you get an idea of what I look like :)

So I won’t really post any more pictures of myself but this is just so you get an idea of what I look like 🙂


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