From Homeschooler, to Public Schooler

The Adventures of being a "homeschooler" in a Public School.


TCAP is a standardized test to predict what classes you will be put in the following year, kids in grades 3-8 participate in TCAP testing once a year. It has to be one of the most strict and boring tests I have ever had a part in. From 8:10 to 11:00 AM the students are not allowed to talk or leave their seats without proper clearance from the teacher. If you need a pencil, you have to raise your hand and wait for the teacher to come over and retrieve it for you. If do as much as tap your pencil against your desk, you will get an office referral and a call home will be made. There is absolutely no trust between teachers and students, and quite frankly I don’t blame the teachers not trusting the students because some of these kids are crazy.

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Photo shoot with my new glasses!

Photo shoot with my new glasses!

For most teenage girl the word ‘glasses’ is one to evoke fear and terror; for me however, I think of glasses as a way to express my individuality. I suffer from tourette  syndrome, one of my ‘tics’ involves my eyes constantly going in and out of focus and my doctor recommended glasses to try and calm my eyes. I’ve grown up wearing glasses but when I hit middle school I decided to lose the four-eyed look and just put up with having impaired vision. Yesterday I went to a glasses store and purchased these big, clunky, groovy, and well, amazing glasses. And that brings me to my next story…

Blue Glasses

On Friday, I borrowed my brother’s nerdy blue fake glasses. I wore them to school and everyone love them… well everyone except my math teacher. I’m a good student, and I especially love math, so I have a rather good relationship with my math teacher. I walked into math class with all the poise and confidence in the world, I went straight to preparing my supplies for class. My teacher walked over to my desk and paused, I looked up at her curious as to why she was glaring down at me. “Terra take those glasses off right now, I do no ever want to see those again. If they aren’t prescription don’t wear them.” She snapped at me. At first I honestly thought she was joking but after about 10 seconds of her boring down at me, I realized she clearly wasn’t. Now, all of this might make sense to you; don’t wear sunglasses in school because they obstruct your vision. Well, the glasses I was wearing were completely clear, they had absolutely no infringement on my vision and I honestly don’t understand why I was forced so boorishly to take them off. It seems the teachers here just like to put themselves in control of every situation, even if there is no need for someone to be in control.

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The Notebook Toss

In my final class of the day, I have a college and career studies class which is usually consumed by my teacher yelling and ridiculing her students. So, here’s a bit of background on my teacher: She has AD/HD, she likes to pull girls hair, and she is the most immature 48 year old ever! She has no idea how to handle students who are “out of control” and I’ve seen her go as far as pulling girls hair and throwing student’s notebooks at a 7th grader. And that brings us to todays story.

My teacher was grading our notebooks while the students sat and worked on a quizz. She begins shaking her head and calls up a student (lets call him Brody) up to her desk. She proceeds to tell him that his notebook is garbage and she tosses it over her desk and onto the floor next to Brody’s feet. Brody’s eyes immediately lit up and he picked up his notebook and threw it at my teacher! She threw it right back at him and he began cursing at her and then stormed out of the room and said he was going home. Gotta love public school teachers!

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Keeping Up With Grades

One of the many flaws of public school is it seems that the teachers want the kids to fail. They tend to punish an entire classroom if one student decides to goof off during a lesson, which is quite a ridiculous way to discipline children. They grade papers and assignments giving no mercy to absent children but they don’t give students the tools to succeed. I don’t think that they understand what “teaching” really means, they just expect the kids to figure out all the problems on their own. The teachers rarely ever help students and when they ask for assistance, they are ridiculed and humiliated in front of an entire classroom of piers. It’s a horrible environment for kids to learn and grow up in, how are they going to learn to be comfortable around adults if adults are constantly looking down on them?

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