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I really want to vomit at what I

on May 4, 2013

I really want to vomit at what I witnessed. On Friday morning, I was in my art class listening to some kid (Jake) talk about how much he hated this school and everyone in it. Though there was part of me that agreed with him, what he said next, made me sick. There’s a boy who’s in that class that is one of the sweetest people I know but he’s not very popular amongst some kids as he’s “weird”. Jake suddenly turned his attention towards the boy and yelled “Why don’t you just kill yourself?!”. I turned towards my teacher who had witnessed the whole thing but she just turned away and made herself busy to avoid the awkward battle that was about to break out. I have witnessed so much bullying at this school and quite frankly, I was tired of it. I jumped out of my seat and started yelling at Jake for being so rude and inconsiderate. Of course I was the one who got in trouble but it was 100% worth it to let that victim know there was someone who would stand up for him. My art teacher scolded me for yelling and being so rude but if anyone should be punished it’s her. As a teacher, it’s your job to create a safe learning environment for everyone and not to ignore comments like the one Jake yelled. I am so ready to be done with this school. And now for a question, do you think it’s worth it to talk to a counselor about what happened and get Jake in trouble? 


One response to “I really want to vomit at what I

  1. jr93657 says:

    I would say challenge it. Talk to your parents, then have them bring it up to the school principle. After if nothing gets done, talk to the school superintendent but also make sure the entire school district also knows. This should never be tolerated. If a teacher can’t create a safe environment and just creates hostility, expose them and it will assist in getting schools to make better teachers and the teachers will be more willing to do their job and help you.

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