From Homeschooler, to Public Schooler

The Adventures of being a "homeschooler" in a Public School.

The Notebook Toss

on February 21, 2013

In my final class of the day, I have a college and career studies class which is usually consumed by my teacher yelling and ridiculing her students. So, here’s a bit of background on my teacher: She has AD/HD, she likes to pull girls hair, and she is the most immature 48 year old ever! She has no idea how to handle students who are “out of control” and I’ve seen her go as far as pulling girls hair and throwing student’s notebooks at a 7th grader. And that brings us to todays story.

My teacher was grading our notebooks while the students sat and worked on a quizz. She begins shaking her head and calls up a student (lets call him Brody) up to her desk. She proceeds to tell him that his notebook is garbage and she tosses it over her desk and onto the floor next to Brody’s feet. Brody’s eyes immediately lit up and he picked up his notebook and threw it at my teacher! She threw it right back at him and he began cursing at her and then stormed out of the room and said he was going home. Gotta love public school teachers!


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