From Homeschooler, to Public Schooler

The Adventures of being a "homeschooler" in a Public School.

Keeping Up With Grades

on February 21, 2013

One of the many flaws of public school is it seems that the teachers want the kids to fail. They tend to punish an entire classroom if one student decides to goof off during a lesson, which is quite a ridiculous way to discipline children. They grade papers and assignments giving no mercy to absent children but they don’t give students the tools to succeed. I don’t think that they understand what “teaching” really means, they just expect the kids to figure out all the problems on their own. The teachers rarely ever help students and when they ask for assistance, they are ridiculed and humiliated in front of an entire classroom of piers. It’s a horrible environment for kids to learn and grow up in, how are they going to learn to be comfortable around adults if adults are constantly looking down on them?


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