From Homeschooler, to Public Schooler

The Adventures of being a "homeschooler" in a Public School.

Make New Friends and Ditch the Old.

on January 30, 2013

My friend “Kellie” is especially good at this technique. She struggles with ways to deal with jealousy and she tends to try and backlash toward the person who “made” her jealous. The first day at my new school I began making new friends and being the social bird I am. When I enrolled myself in her school I wanted to hang out all day; eat lunch together, walk from class to class, and just have a good time. After my second day I realized that wasn’t going to be the case, we didn’t spend any time together at school and we began to hang out less and less away from school as the first week passed. By Monday of my second week, we barely even exchanged friendly smiles in the crowded halls. We still sat next to each other on the bus (due to assigned seating) and texted occasionally but I could feel our friendship fading away. I was making new friends and the opportunity to  spend time together was overrun by homework and sports. I didn’t really mind though, not until she decided to rub it in my face that we weren’t the closest of friends anymore. I had no idea she was even remotely jealous that I was making new friends, she showed no effort to make plans or anything of that nature so I made the assumption that she had moved on. A girl, “Kiki”, moved in a street away from me and Kellie and she began riding our bus. Kellie immediately saw an opportunity to try and flip the jealousy to me. She would kick me out of my seat so that Kiki could sit next to her and loudly discuss their plans for the weekend while Kellie glared over at me from time to time. When the bus squeaks to a stop, the two new “best friends” they bolt off the bus and take longer routes to avoid me. It’s just immature and I don’t understand why she is doing it, I would love to still be friends but she’s ruining her chances.


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