From Homeschooler, to Public Schooler

The Adventures of being a "homeschooler" in a Public School.

It’s Done

  I am sorry to announce that this will be my final post on this blog. My parents and I have decided that my safety was being compromised at this school and we made the decision to pull me out before the year ended. Thank you to everyone who gave me advice and read my crazy stories.


I really want to vomit at what I

I really want to vomit at what I witnessed. On Friday morning, I was in my art class listening to some kid (Jake) talk about how much he hated this school and everyone in it. Though there was part of me that agreed with him, what he said next, made me sick. There’s a boy who’s in that class that is one of the sweetest people I know but he’s not very popular amongst some kids as he’s “weird”. Jake suddenly turned his attention towards the boy and yelled “Why don’t you just kill yourself?!”. I turned towards my teacher who had witnessed the whole thing but she just turned away and made herself busy to avoid the awkward battle that was about to break out. I have witnessed so much bullying at this school and quite frankly, I was tired of it. I jumped out of my seat and started yelling at Jake for being so rude and inconsiderate. Of course I was the one who got in trouble but it was 100% worth it to let that victim know there was someone who would stand up for him. My art teacher scolded me for yelling and being so rude but if anyone should be punished it’s her. As a teacher, it’s your job to create a safe learning environment for everyone and not to ignore comments like the one Jake yelled. I am so ready to be done with this school. And now for a question, do you think it’s worth it to talk to a counselor about what happened and get Jake in trouble? 

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The other day my art teacher called me a bad artist… I feel like I should show her this drawing I completed in half and hour 😛Image

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Boys, boys, and more boys.

If you have ever been enrolled in a public middle school, you know that boys can cause just as much drama as the girls. Despite what everyone thinks, guys can be mean, nasty backstabbers too. So far I’ve tried not to dwell too deep into my ‘personal’ life but I feel today is a good day to make a small exception. About two weeks ago, my boyfriend had broken up with me for no apparent reason. I was pretty furious as you might expect a girl to be. A week passed without us talking or having any communication, and then came Friday… I was putting my books back in my locker when one of my good friends ‘Kelly’ walked up behind me with a small letter in her hand. She handed it to me and scurried off to her locker. I peered down after her before tearing open the note. It was only about a half a page but that half-page was filled with some really sappy, cute stuff from my ex ‘Drake’. At the bottom of this cutesy note, Drake asked me if I would be willing to give him a second chance. I thought long and hard about this for a few hours and came to verdict that I would give him another try (mistake!). He was thrilled when I told him but his excitement quickly wore off. 

  Come Wednesday, he began ignoring me. After a long day of school, I texted him asking why he was so mad at me. He replied “No I just cant get attached to someone thats moving and I didnt know u were moving so sorry”. The funny thing about this is the fact that I’m only “moving” for two months and then coming back. This made me even more furious than before and I was ready to punch him. The next day made everything worse. Kelly ran up to me that morning asking me if I knew Damion was cheating on me. I froze, I mean, I knew he wasn’t the greatest guy but… Cheating?? She started ranting about how today Drake had gotten back with his ex-girlfriend ‘Maddy’ and that they were being really intimate that morning. Sighing, I told her how we had broken up last night. I only wish that made a difference to my heart, even though we were “over”, everything was so fresh and I couldn’t see how he could have moved on in a day. The rest of that day consisted of concerned friends and acquaintances asking me about what had happened and me re-living every moment over and over again. Well children, the moral of this story is that people don’t change over the course of a week so be careful who you’re giving second chances to.  

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Well I have finally encountered my first bully, I guess it was bound to happen being the person that I am. This bully just happens to be one of my ex-boyfriends. We broke up about two weeks ago and it was a totally clean breakup, no fights or tears were shed. The other day, I was talking with his friend ‘Drake’ about it and he was astonished when I claimed that it had been a clean break. I asked him why that was so strange and he told me about the conversation he had with him the day before. “He called you a bitch and said you were fucking ugly.” Drake said. I was crushed, someone I trusted and once cared for was turning out to be a bully. I asked Drake if anything else happened and he sighed. When Drake tried defending me (he has developed a crush on me), my ex tackled him and they ended up getting in a pretty gnarly fist fight. I was furios. I posted a status on ‘Facebook’ about how I was sad because someone called me a bitch etc. My friend ‘Bailey’ immediately commented on it and asked who it was because she was also being bullied and she was wondering if it was the same person. I wasn’t really afraid to say his name so I did, ‘Doug’. She commented a few minutes later that him and his group of friends had been bullying her all year. I was at this guys throat at this point. So that is my bullying story and if I see him or any of his friends talking crap to/about my friend… I am going straight to the principal.


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Yayyy it’s finally here! My family and I will be heading down to Belize for 9 days to get away from all the drama of society. I will post pictures when I return 🙂

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Fountain Valley School of Colorado

So about 4 months ago, I decided I wanted to apply to Fountain Valley School of Colorado; a private college preparatory boarding school. My brother is currently enrolled as a sophomore there and he loves it. So yesterday I was having one of my “down” days, nothing was going well and the universe seemed out to get me. But then my dad delivered the news that I had been accepted into FVS!! Now comes to long and difficult journey to success.

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TCAP is a standardized test to predict what classes you will be put in the following year, kids in grades 3-8 participate in TCAP testing once a year. It has to be one of the most strict and boring tests I have ever had a part in. From 8:10 to 11:00 AM the students are not allowed to talk or leave their seats without proper clearance from the teacher. If you need a pencil, you have to raise your hand and wait for the teacher to come over and retrieve it for you. If do as much as tap your pencil against your desk, you will get an office referral and a call home will be made. There is absolutely no trust between teachers and students, and quite frankly I don’t blame the teachers not trusting the students because some of these kids are crazy.

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As a teenager, you are given a “label”; something that sums up everyone’s judgments about you in a few words. No matter how popular a person gets, they will still have some bogus label that someone made up to tear them down. You wouldn’t believe some of the things I’ve been labeled by people I don’t even know, I’ve been called lesbian, goth, emo, nerd, hipster, I’ve even been called a slut. Whenever people try to stick me with things such as those, I just laugh. It’s like “Wow, you really don’t know anything about me.” Adults say children are mean, but they don’t understand how mean. Getting called gay by one person one time is not the worst thing in the world, but rumors like that spread like wildfire on a dry plain. I even had my boyfriend come up to me and ask me if it was true. Bullying isn’t something that someone can just outgrow, when you’ve been bullied once that pain spreads and consumes your heart and next thing you know, you’re spending lunch inside with teachers to escape the torment of your peers. I can’t say that I’ve ever been bullied to that extent, but I know that it does happen, it happens everyday and no one does anything to protest it!

I highly recommend watching this video, it’s so inspirational.

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Photo shoot with my new glasses!

Photo shoot with my new glasses!

For most teenage girl the word ‘glasses’ is one to evoke fear and terror; for me however, I think of glasses as a way to express my individuality. I suffer from tourette  syndrome, one of my ‘tics’ involves my eyes constantly going in and out of focus and my doctor recommended glasses to try and calm my eyes. I’ve grown up wearing glasses but when I hit middle school I decided to lose the four-eyed look and just put up with having impaired vision. Yesterday I went to a glasses store and purchased these big, clunky, groovy, and well, amazing glasses. And that brings me to my next story…

Blue Glasses

On Friday, I borrowed my brother’s nerdy blue fake glasses. I wore them to school and everyone love them… well everyone except my math teacher. I’m a good student, and I especially love math, so I have a rather good relationship with my math teacher. I walked into math class with all the poise and confidence in the world, I went straight to preparing my supplies for class. My teacher walked over to my desk and paused, I looked up at her curious as to why she was glaring down at me. “Terra take those glasses off right now, I do no ever want to see those again. If they aren’t prescription don’t wear them.” She snapped at me. At first I honestly thought she was joking but after about 10 seconds of her boring down at me, I realized she clearly wasn’t. Now, all of this might make sense to you; don’t wear sunglasses in school because they obstruct your vision. Well, the glasses I was wearing were completely clear, they had absolutely no infringement on my vision and I honestly don’t understand why I was forced so boorishly to take them off. It seems the teachers here just like to put themselves in control of every situation, even if there is no need for someone to be in control.

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